Shades in Cully


We found the ruins, finally. Although wet and sticky and hoping for a chance to dry out, we took the time to scout out the area, making sure we were not walking into a warren of deviants or large, sharp toothed nasty beasties. The area seems straight forward enough, the buildings we have come to search sit along the actual lake shore, behind a stone wall that looks dug out from a hillside before the encroaching sea changed the landscape. To the west of the buildings is a good sized wood and an odd flat area that has almost no vegetation growing. To the south, between the buildings and the water, however is a vast abundance of plant life, flowers, grains, grasses in very stark contrast, and although it is still early spring, you can see a vast difference between the two areas that are separated only by a building… which… upon investigation, is filling up with dirt. You can see where there were walls and or some support frames, but there is no real interior left. The ceiling is vaulted, easily over 20 feet at its highest, with iron ribs that in many places are no longer intact and hang down like dead branches in an old pine wood. There is spore and droppings and places that look like old rats nests, we even found evidence of others building fires and using the building for shelter, but all of it looks old. In the middle of the structure is a fairly intact tower, and beneath it, on the ground floor, you can see why, it is held up by very stout stone pillars. Near which, is our entrance into the tower, and it looks like below as well… there is odd metal doors that are bent and awry which open into a pit that goes both up into the tower and down into the depths… but luckily, behind that pit is a stair well, also leading up and down. With most of the afternoon left to us, we decided to clean up and dry off before heading into the depths, but, early in the evening I heard an odd sound…. thought it was a growl…. headed around the wall to see if I could find the source and was overrun by rats! Horrible swarming rats, scrambling up, biting, trying to work their way into your armor! It was horrid! Hollering, hopping, swinging wildly I scrambled to try to get them off. Athen joined the fun and soon had his own swarm that bit him so hard he started bleeding so heavily even I could see it in the dim evening light. Not making any headway in trying to throw and stomp, I ran for the fire and began using burning branches to thwart the crazed, filthy things… and it worked, but not before Athen went down under his swarm. To make a long story short, small fires spread in an arc around our corner helped to keep the rats at bay for the rest of the night. Good pressure and packing his wounds staunched the bleeding, but it will be a while before Athen wakes up. Tomorrow we will need to boil and clean all the wounds to keep them from festering, but tonight, I sit, bundled in my coat, keeping watch for as long as possible… then, I think, I will put Little Brother on guard so that I too can catch some sleep. Hopefully the tainted, crazed things will not return. Rats. Swarmed by rats. First giant frogs, now rats… makes one wonder what is living inside the depths of the building… makes one wonder if the items offered as pay are worth the effort…

However. Everything learned is one step closer to removing the Ulpir from the world. Never think, for one moment I have forgotten.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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