Shades in Cully

Seemingly pointless...

Horse manure. So. I think this is going to become a catalog of “Things What Want To Eat You”… yes, we were attacked again last night. This time by some animal I had never seen or heard of… the best way to describe it would be to have you visual a wide cat head, attached to a lean hound body that sports a bushy squirrel’s tail curling up over its back. This beasts mode of attack was to push and butt with its broad head… but it could also leap into the air high enough to bite me on the neck… Athen took it down with a beautiful slice to the jugular, and then discovered it had kittens hanging in the curled tail… weird strange tainted thing. I am scratched a bit, and Little Brother took a scrape down his side, but nothing we can’t cope with. Luckily we seem to be at our limit of one attack a night and the rest of the dark hours were spent quietly.

Morning came and once the sun was up over the horizon we ventured into the tower, to discover several decaying floors so picked over by scavengers there wasn’t even fixtures in the bathrooms left. There was, however a rat nest which we declined to rummage through. While we were poking around we disturbed another strange taint beast that dropped down from a hole in the floor/ceiling above us… this one was hairless and dog like, with pustules and open sores all over its body. When it bit me, the wound itched like crazy. This time it was me with a fine strike to its chest, and when it lay on the floor dying, the spittle falling from its mouth hissed and bubbled on the floor… no wonder the wound itched.

While we were peering up into the hole, trying to decide if it was worth the effort and risk… the floor up there is in much worse shape than where we were standing… there was a distant rumble, almost like thunder, but one you could “hear” through your feet. We made a mad dash for the stairs and navigated the rot and cracks in record time thinking the building was coming down around our ears only to discover a huge column of smoke rising into the sky to the south. There is a red core to the black and gray column that does not bode well… but… it looks to be 50 miles or so south of our location. Again the ground is shaking… Little Brother is NOT happy and I can’t say that I blame him, but, I think if we stay out of the building until all is quiet we should be alright.

What a new fire mountain portends I’m not sure I want to know.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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