Shades in Cully

So Far from home

The Tower of Falpoint, eh? Scrolls of the Solitary Seraphim…could be worth something to someone. And the Hetman at Blumen said she would help us out if we found them. I had pictured some great ruin full of pre-war artifacts. Guns and “ice-boxes” and Jewel wheels…we found rats…and some kinda taint cat/dog that attacked out of the darkness. Not sure what happened, but I woke to some scuffle, and saw Mani and this thing facing each other and struggling back and forth. It practically knocked her down just by smashing its angry cat face into her chest. I used it’s distraction to run my dagger up its back. It had been stabbed pretty good through it shoulder…probably from her spear. As I came down in a smooth arc, I opened a wide gushing wound. The thing tried to get away, but had no strength, so I cut it’s throat to finish its suffering. I wonder if these taint creatures attack people hoping to get release… That was when I noticed the 4, um, kittens clinging blindly to the underside of its tail. Its a lot harder to cut things that small open, but can’t let taint beasts into the camp, as we were always told. I wonder if I’m getting good enough to teach Rathos a lesson?

The next day, up into the tower proper! but it was all but empty…Bats, Rats and their droppings. Remnants of walls, twisted doors…then I heard something…behind us. A dark colored wolf dropped from the hole in the roof above…but it wasn’t a wolf…it was hairless…its tail a dark whip, and the skin was blistered with sores and oozing pits. It snapped at Mani, while I readied my crossbow. But before I got it loaded, she ran her spear right through it’s throat! She pulled the spear free, and it gasped on the floor…foam from it’s mouth scaring and hissing on the stone floor. We began to talk about it, and the world shifted…and there was thunder…The tower was about to collapse on us so we dashed as fast as possible across the floor…but it was no longer shaking. Then we got down…stairs…

Look to the south…a black cloud with a fiery heart rising in the air, getting large as I look…and a thunder bolt began to rattle, but it went on forever…It is way south. Mani thinks maybe a fire mountain…maybe 40 or 50 miles south. That’s where Rathos’ manor was…where I came from…in a dozen days of running and hiding, getting lost…we are maybe 10 miles north of Tacama…could I have traveled 30 or 40 miles? More? less? Are the walls still there? Is anybody there…


iiiiinteresting…. more insight into that character there than from all the conversations they have had… but… then again… he doesn’t talk much does he?

So Far from home

Nope. Not a talkative fellow. But I picture him muttering to himself often. But…per our conversation, this simple exercise gelled several things about him…

So Far from home
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