Shades in Cully


Ugh. Wet and muddy, soaked to the skin and beyond below the knee… well… Athan is a bit wet from his drop out of the tree tops into the water, and I am covered in slime from that over grown, three eyed frog… but at least, I think, we know what direction to head.

Yesterday evening we arrived on the shores of the lake and could see the ruins and tower of Fallwick Point described to us by Dara the Pompous and Pushy. Waiting for new light we headed north around the shore like she instructed us… why we couldn’t go south, I don’t know, so north we went and propmptly found ourselves in marshy waters with hillocks of grass and trees growing out of the water. We circled around to our left trying to keep the shoreline of the lake (if you can call a not so defined line between open water and marsh a shoreline) in view. Not so easy as it sounds! In those trees somewhere we had a winged lizard swoop down on us and try to make us its next snack. Not very successfully I might add… and… we got off course. Surprise! ... and now the light is beginning to fail with not any sign of dry land anywhere. Athan, who is not necessarily the brightest spark and the master of the understatement, observed that he knew how to navigate in woods, but not swamps… being surrounded by trees, I pointed out that this WAS more like woods than swamp, so he shinnied up a tree to have a look… then promptly fell out. Down he came, screaming to splash into the water and the mud. Luckily there was enough soft to cushion his landing and nothing was broken, and luckily he saw our path, which was almost directly behind us. So we HAD missed the turning of the “shoreline”. Changing direction we continued to tromp through the ankle, and shin deep waters until the sun finished setting. But, as it got dark the nature of the trees and the land changed. We had now come into stunted pines and only inches deep water… that had a current. Oh are we daft. We should be able to follow the current back to the lake proper. Oh silly us. Anyway. We lit the lantern and continued on, as there still was no dry land. Then… out of the gloom we saw a shimmering curtain of sorts. Upon investigating we found a long metal… well… tube. It is about 12 feet at its highest point, with one end looking like it runs down into the ground and the other end crushed from the fall of something upon it, not that we can see any evidence of what that is in the dark. At least the ground within is somewhat dry. By that I mean there is no standing water…. so here we make camp… and would have had a peaceful night of it if that giant three eyed frog had not dropped onto the roof, then onto me, doing its level best to smother and wrap its folds of skin around me. I think it would have gotten me too if an elf, an honest injun elf stepped out of the darkness and shot it through its middle eye. I was amazed and grateful and embarrassed… he called me “fair one”... telling me the taint was strong but he tries, he tries when I thanked him for his help. “I believe I need to sleep now” he said, slumping against a tree, which then opened its arms (for lack of better way of describing what I saw) and wrapped itself around him. Sometime during the wee hours of the morning, the bump in the tree was just gone, and so, we assume was the elf.

It is dawning now, the forest/swamp has come to life and I cannot sleep anymore. So. I think I will send Monkey Boy back up a tree to suss out our position again, hopefully he will not fall this time as there is no soft layers to catch him this time. Hopefully he can see our way to the tower. I would really like a chance to get mine and Little Brother’s feet dry.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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